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Thursday, January 24, 2002

It's been a week and the blog is getting stale so I feel compelled to POST!
Many things on my mind...pick one Mike...OK...Prayer...

Do you know that someone is praying for you almost every day?
NO...I'm asking there?
Is this even an issue for you?

As I was communing with the Father on my way to work this morning, I thought about a time when I knew there was at least one person praying for me...he has since gone on to heaven. This got me to thinking about who might be praying for me now.
Yes people tell me they will pray for me, our church has a prayer list I can put my name on, but do I know someone is praying?
I don't, and I miss knowing this for a certainty.
Prayer is work, intercessory prayer is selfless...need I say more?

Do someone a favor...pray for them...continue in prayer for them, and then tell them you ARE praying for them.
Think of it this way...would you rather a friend promise to come visit you someday...or have them drop by and visit.

Yes I'm excogitating again.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Wok the Dog - What's wrong with eating man's best friend? By William Saletan

Check out this article...then decide how many legs you have to stand on :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

NIKE It's so cool to wear NIKE

Another corporate bashing while I'm at it.

Big Mac Attack See a Big Mac Attack in progress

Do you love those juicy hot burgers and tasty thin fries at your local McD's?
Think about the picture above next time you get the urge.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Haven't posted in a while...just in case you haven't noticed.
Been watching a new channel on our cable, TechTV. I can really get into this channel :) All Tech all the time.
Favorite show is Screen Savers from 7:00PM EST to 8:30PM. Hosted by Leo Laporte.'s homeward bound, nap and Tech TV !

Friday, January 04, 2002

Jesus' Name

I'm sure you have heard the name of Jesus Christ, its' usually spoken with great expression. It's used when under the pressure of the hammer head, or as way to express anger. When surprised suddenly, Jesus Christ is the first person many want to share their feelings with. Though His name is composed of five letters, it apparently goes well with a large group of four letter words.
The name Jesus Christ on the other hand does not fit well into polite conversation, or most public prayers. Politicians will get teary and ask for God's assistance, but rarely ever His Son Jesus Christ. We had a revival of sorts after the horrible events of 911,accompanied by expressions of faith and requests for heavenly protection, but hardly a mention of Jesus Christ. You can talk about prayer and "God" with your co-workers all day, but mention Jesus Christ and watch their expressions.
OK, at Christmastime we will admittedly hear the name of Jesus, it is after all when we celebrate His birth, not the birth of "god".But that's the baby, jesus, who is percieved as helpless and serious cause for concern here.
If you know me you might say...Mike, I don't hear you speak His name all that often yourself...I must confess, as stated above, Jesus name is not acceptable in most polite conversation and perhaps I am too "polite".
If you would like to respond in any way, email me, and with your approval I'll post your musings here. Just keep it polite :)
Email Me

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Back to Work

This New Year marks the 25th year at my current employer!
You?..I can hardly believe it :)
What's even more difficult to believe...there has not been a lay-off that whole time.
The economy just needs to hold until April 10th and it will be officially 25 years.
Looking at the orders coming in the door does not give one much hope, I'm putting my faith in someone sitting in heavenly places.
It's my lunch break just in case you were wondering.
Twenty Five years ago there weren't any computers in the office, there wasn't even a fax machine. The copier was one of the old Xerox machines with the pink sleeves you had to use for each copy. The typewriter was electric and there were buttons on the phone, they must have been a recent addition as I was still "dialing" at home. Now there are three computers on desks and three built into the machinery we run. We are still a 7 person operation...that has not changed, but we get a lot more output per person.
Well my half hour is over...

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

They dropped their spell checking service here at Blog*Spot so please excuse any errors.
What was life like before spell checkers and calculators?
Oh yeah...full of errors :)