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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 lives

The Gallery isn't up yet but is back online.
So is Tammy's Teddy Bear TeaRoom, now if Tammy would post something :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Server Troubles

I have moved to a new host and expect to have a redesigned site up soon.
We are building a brand new site for First Baptist Church of Easton also so my time is very limited right now. I need something up soon though or Google's bots may decide I'm dead :(

It seems many of the low cost hosting providers are consolidating or going under. Unfortunately "low cost" is my only option!

My new hosting company is T.J.Hawkins and they promise that they are commited to building a top of the line service, they just went through a consolidation and a physical move, and are down today for a few hours after a kernal upgrade gone bad. They do email notices immediately when problems occur so I am hanging in there with them.

I hope to have at least a home page up by the weekend, the First Baptist Site is live while under construction.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

God Even Cares About The Little Things

While running errands today I listened to an interview on Christian radio about relief workers in Chicago. The woman told a story about a homeless man coming in for a coat, but they didn't have one large enough to fit him. Just then another man walked in with a down filled coat to donate that was just the right size for this homeless man. He related how God had put it on his heart to donate it the night before while he was in prayer.

I hadn't eating anything all day but a piece of toast and a bag of Sun Chips, and it was going on 6:00PM. I pulled into McDonalds and ordered a Premium California Cobb Salad. I could have eaten it in the car, but I thought I'd look for a more suitable setting so I headed towards my next stop. I was on route 22 and thought it would be nice if there were a park to stop at...I realized there weren't any I knew of and was a bit disappointed. I thought to myself...if there were just someone I could call to ask directions to the nearest park. I passed the next couple exits and decided to get off at the third, which I did and proceeded to turn left as I knew what was to the right.
No more that a mile down that road (Rt 512 if you know the area) I saw a sign for Manockase Park...woopee! It's a Park I never knew existed along the Manockase Creek, there was a pavilion with a stone table right at the dam where I sat down and enjoyed my Cobb Salad.

It was great to have such a pleasant setting to eat in, but more than that I felt like the Lord had led me to this (unknown to me) spot just to say "I Care" even about the little things. Maybe I'm strange but it's those little acts of kindness and shows of Love from the Lord that mean more to me than a "big miracle".

Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy Independence Day

If you are missing, am I. The new owner of my server has been denied access to the servers and there is no telling when I will get my site back.
My BLOG is hosted by DigitalRice (see button on sidebar) so my Blog is safe for now.